Why Is Environment Important To You?

Environment, Environment, and Environment.

After walking across America listening and studying, I learned that people are part of the Environment, and how we treat each other is what manifests in the physical Environment around us. Racism, brutality, oppression, and exploitation, all feedback on us as pollution, climate change, COVID, and other problems. The Environment touches and informs everything we are. It is about human rights, civil rights, gender equality, economic and educational equity, and more. The Environment is about Kindness and Love and all the ways we relate to each other as individuals, communities, political parties, governments, and nations.

Before his death in 2006, I visited Lynton K Caldwell, an American political scientist, and professor at Indiana University, a visionary, he was the architect of the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act. I visited him before his death in 2006. He believed that the environmental crisis was a crisis of mind and spirit, and our survival was dependent on the kind of beings we would become. This is the perspective I will bring to Congress.

John Francis

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